Archive Box #001

The first six Sacred Tapes releases on limited black cassettes, housed in a hand made concrete box set complete with screen printed concrete lid and risograph printed insert cards.


SAC #001: Shushevatsya – Lost Seizures From A Disintegrated Nation
SAC #002: A.P Macarte – Arundel Tapes v.1
SAC #003: River Slaughter – Infallible Godhead
SAC #004: Swaggerjack – Side A/B
SAC #005: Druss – Discordia
SAC #006: Christopher William Anderson – Moskenstraumen.

A chance for all those who missed out on the limited initial runs of these albums and EPs or for those those new to the label wanting to explore what we do. Containing over 4 hours of music split over 3 albums and 3 EPs including various collaborations and solo work by members of Gnod, Tombed Visions,Yes Blythe, Horrid and the defunct Operations.

SAC #001 – “uses field recordings and quietly aching, resonant drones to conjure a beautifully solemn air of mystery”

SAC #003 – “a miasma of unheimlich, dreamlike synth atmospheres swathed in dense, pyroclastic distortion and hulked along by knotted, lugubrious industrial rhythms in a fine balance of anxious atmosphere and a sort of stifled euphoria”

SAC #005 – “rhythmelodic chimes to lush 4th world drones and percussion redolent of early Hype Williams. Check!”

All orders come with immediate downloads of all tracks.

Please note, this item weighs 4.1kg and as such has a higher then average postage, particularly for those outside of the UK.