SAC #034: Black Vomit – Incidents of Regret – Part 2

Kicking off 2017 with a heavy hitting release by trio ‘Black Vomit’ comprising nearly 2 hours of recordings made in one sweaty, ear piercing afternoon back in 2014. Intended to be one of the early opening releases on Sacred Tapes, Black Vomit’s sole existence occurred when John Powell-Jones (Swaggerjack, Horrid), David McLean (Tombed Visions, River Slaughter) and Callum Higgins (Maersk, Yes Blythe) got together with a collection of noise Inducing gear, the resulting raw recordings of which are now finally being made public in the form of ‘Incidents of Regret’ split over two albums.

SAC #034: Black Vomit – Incidents of Regret – Part 2


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