SAC #030: AHRKH – Meditations on Mahākāla

Since Macarte’s last release on Sacred Tapes, Arundel Tapes v.1, he has been playing under the AHRKH moniker moving into more electronic and vocal based drone performances. Informed by mysticism, ancient eastern philosophies and esoteric writings, AHRKH explores the transcendental, infinite aural//astral panorama via Sound, attempting to extract the senses out of normal reality space and submerge them into another world created by the consciousness of the individual, reflecting their inner visions.

During a two month stay in NYC, Macarte met with Rob AA Lowe (Lichens, Om) and under his guidance, began his first foray into the world of Modular Synthesis.Recorded in Brooklyn NYC during December 2014, These recordings were Macarte’s first attempts at patching modular synthesis and are a series of meditations on the Wrathful Protector Deity Mahākāla, inspired by a visit to the Rubin Museum of Tibetan Art.

In Macarte’s own words “These drones intend to reflect on aspects of Mahākāla, and the minds image he brings to me, losing all form and time, and submitting myself to the drone. These Recordings offer a sketchbook glimpse into a learning process through experimentation and reflection.”


SAC #030: AHRKH – Meditations on Mahākāla


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