SAC #029: Twenty-Three Hanging Trees – Nocturne

Twenty-Three Hanging Trees is the solo project of Xavier Watkins, a member of Fuzzy Lights with releases on David Armes’ (A.R.C. Soundtracks) Little Red Rabbit Label. While Fuzzy Lights is all hazy guitar drones, Twenty-Three Hanging Trees is a move into synthesis.

The dusty and contemplative tonalities that can be found on his previous EP “Blue Moon” are still present, but another dimension is added in this new work, “Nocturne”. An all-encompassing, sometimes claustrophobic set of waves surrounds the listener on “Souterrain”, while shimmers of lights oscillate through tracks like “Passages” and “Mouvements”. “Nocturne” was recorded as live performances during sleepless nights in January/February 2016

SAC #029: Twenty-Three Hanging Trees – Nocturne


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