SAC #027: Philip Corner – Gong Ear/Oreille

Incredibly pleased to have Philip Corner back on the label. This time with a two track cassette totalling 78 minutes, another longform release to match his Sacred Tapes debut, the 95 minute single piece ‘Through More than the Mysterious Barricade’.

‘Gong Ear/Oreille – Avec les Gongs of Michel Vogel’ catalogues his time spent with Michel Vogel, an artist, sculptor and musician who would hand craft gongs, in 89-90. ‘Pour les oiseaux du matin’ or ‘For Birds of the Morning’ was recorded in the garden of Vogel’s home outside Paris one morning, using a gong hung from a tree. ‘En Voiture Dans Paris’ or ‘In and Around Paris’ was recorded during a drive around the city, recording the gong against the backdrop of the city soundscape.

‘Gong Ear’Oreille’ includes a risograph printed insert of Philip Corners own design.

SAC #027: Philip Corner – Gong Ear Oreille


Qty: 100