SAC #023: Yes Blythe/Swaggerjack/John Powell-Jones – Live at Cafe Oto

Another live tape from the Sacred Tapes showcase night at Cafe Oto back in July 2015, this time the Yes Blythe/Swaggerjack/John Powell-Jones cross over set. Not the first performance in this style, Callum Higgins (Yes Blythe) and John Powell-Jones who perform together as Swaggerjack combined the three distinct styles into one set, opening with a solo performance by Yes Blythe who after a short time is joined on stage by John Powell-Jones to transition the piece without a break into a swaggerjack performance, and with another seamless transition he is left on his own to perform solo.

Originating out of John Powell-Jones exhibition and tape ‘Abyss’ each incarnation of the crossover set has been a unique piece rather then a repetition, leading to the various names by which each performance is known. Presented here is Void, the live set from Cafe Oto, and on the B-side Black Hole, a recording which was made exclusively for the wire magazine and has up until now only been available to stream there.

Please note, due to Bandcamp’s restrictions on file upload size ‘Void’ has had to be shortened for streaming here, upon purchase if you with to have the full length tracks as digital files then email and they will be sent to you.

SAC £023: Yes Blythe/Swaggerjack/John Powell-Jones – Live at Cafe Oto


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