SAC# 016: John Powell-Jones – Into The Abyss

‘Into The Abyss’ is the follow up to John Powell-Jones’ february release ‘Abyss’ and like its predecessor this collection of tracks is tied in with an exhibition of his visual art work. The exhibition is based around the creation of three characters which Powell-Jones has resin cast and hand painted.

Tormentor and Pyre, the two tracks that make up the tape, show a continued progression in Powell-Jones musical work with both being much more heavily driven by drum machines introduced along side his signature dark and gritty, noise ridden sounds.

A special edition of ‘Into The Abyss’ is available and comes with a resin cast Incense Head and print made by the artist.

Recorded and mixed by Sam Weaver

SAC#016: John Powell-Jones – Into The Abyss