SAC #015: Demonstration Synthesis – DS23

Demonstration Synthesis is Daniel James Leznoff. DS23 is the latest in his ongoing project under this name. Using his set up of synths: Sequential Circuits Six Trak/Roland Juno 60/Ensoniq ESQ-, rack pieces:Ibanez DM-1000 with mini sampler/Moog 12 stage phaser, Garageband preset softsynths, pedals and apps.

Previous releases in the DS series include DS22 on Sacred Phrases, DS16 on Entr’acte and DS9 on Carpi Records which received a decent write up in last Decembers issue of the Wire magazine.

“Wandering naif qualities – keys tentatively prodded, riffs developed on the fly as if by a kid whose mind is wandering during practice, a loose and inconsistent timing turning intriguingly unvarnished synthesisier timbres into living creatures” – The Wire on DS9

SAC#015: Demonstration Synthesis – DS23