SAC #014: Maersk – Wolfsburg

Maersk is the new solo project by Sacred Tapes founder Callum Higgins. Involved in a number of projects including River Slaughter and Swaggerjack, his longest running of these though is another solo project, Yes Blythe. Maersk takes over the more industrial darker sounds of recent Yes Blythe recordings and live sets and continues to push it into further extremes whilst introducing a number of new beat driven elements, allowing Yes Blythe to focus on the more subtle, gentler sound collage and field recording roots from which it started.

Wolfsburg, the first release under this new name, comprises of 2 tracks both coming in at under 10 minutes. Think of these as an introduction of things to come. ISO 6346 begins with vocals distorted almost beyond recognition and before long layers of sharp mixer feedback build up. ISO 830 follows a more rhythmic route with decaying loops and gnarled jungle beat samples.

Mastered by Stephen Bishop

SAC#014: Maersk – Wolfsburg