SAC #004: Swaggerjack – Side A/B

Manchester’s latest free noise improv outfit Swaggerjack come full force with their debut album. Founded almost by accident when John Powell-Jones (Horrid) was left with a gap to fill at what would become Swaggerjack’s first live performance and called on Callum Higgins (Yes Blythe, River Slaughter) to make up the numbers. Following this show Powell-Jones and Higgins decided to keep playing together and pushed forward to create ‘Side A/B’

Recorded in a single session at Salford’s own Islington Mill using found cassette tapes, BBC Electron tapes, contact mics and messed up guitar.

Recorded 3/8/13 at Islington Mill

Mastered by Callum Higgins

SAC#004 – Swaggerjack – Side A/B