SAC #003: River Slaughter – Infallible Godhead

David Mclean (Tombed Visions Records, Punctum, Aging, Stushevatsya) and Callum Higgins (Yes Blythe, Swaggerjack, Baptists & Bootleggers, Dungeoned) come together to form new duo River Slaughter. Having played together a number of times before in noise improv outfit Dungeoned, this new outfit sees the pair bring a more focused, thought out approach to produce this, their debut release.

Recorded in a single session at Salford’s own Islington Mill using synths and cassette tapes to manipulate a series of pre-constructed, industrial percussive beats with overlaying but underlying melodies.

Recorded 2/7/13 at Islington Mill

Mastered by Callum Higgins

SAC#003 – River Slaughter – Infallible Godhead