SAC #002: A.P Macarte – Arundel Tapes v.1

A.P Macarte (Manatees, Gnod) brings together a collection of previously discarded recordings in the form of Arundel Tapes v.1. Expect slow burning vocal loops and drone manipulations in abundance on this release. A regular on Tombed Visions Records, Macarte is a familiar face in the Manchester noise scene and often collaborates with many of it’s populace including TVR’s founder David McLean.

Providing an almost hypnotic journey throughout, beginning with slow paced subtle changes and building into a wealth of distorted hazy melodies, Arundel Tapes is a rare gem amongst the mountain of forgotten recordings out there and is more then worthy of your attention.

All tracks recorded live onto cassette dictaphone by A.P Macarte 2010 – 2011.

Mastered By Callum Higgins

SAC#002 – A.P Macarte – Arundel Tapes v.1